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Blazing Legion: Ignition's mech action looks ace

A goodun for 2018

In the new trailer for Blazing Legion: Ignition, an upcoming first-person shooter with mechs stomping around on the ground and whizzing through the air, the action is so fast and colourful that YouTube's video compression runs all the jet trails and bullet blasts into a big ol' smear. This is excellent. This is my new test for any shooter claiming "bullet hell" attributes: can it overwhelm YouTube? Give me colours and give me speed. Blazing Legion seems to deliver those nicely, wrapped in smooth tunes and a story about our top gun pilot and her past. Have a look:

Cover image for YouTube video

Heck yes, let's go. Roll on 2018. I've been watching the game for a while, seeing lead developer Ethan Redd tweet clips and bits, and I like how it's coming along. You might also know Redd from top-down retro racer Rad Road Rally and his art for cyberspace shooter Black Ice (whose early access progress I really should catch up on).

Developers Virtuoso Neomedia describe Blazing Legion as "an introspective, character driven, tactical first person bullet-hell about mecha and the consequences of becoming who you have to be", which is an interesting sentence to be sure. I like the colours and the explosions and the music (by SkyBridge) and the looking pensively in a mirror.

Blazing Legion: Ignition is due some time in 2018. If you fancy following it, the game's site has signups for a newsletter.

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