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Blink And You'll Myth It: Mythos Released

See the takeover advert that currently adorns this page like somebody's upended roast dinner? The game it's for, free-to-play Diablo-alike Mythos, has just been released. You can download the client here, and play for as long as you please with your entirely wallet stowed for the duration. What an age we live in! How far we've come. How far we've come from prehistoric times, when early man would have to make his own fun by seeing how many rocks he could fit in his mouth.

PC Gamer have spotted a launch trailer and I've put it after the jump, but it's so naff that watching it filled me with a paralysing loss of self-worth. Instead, click on through the jump in order to read me talking about Mythos' development history, which actually involves Runic, the Torchlight devs. It's an interesting one.

I'll do it as a timeline.

2006: Mythos starts its life as a technology test within Flagship Studios (a now defunct developer founded largely by ex-Blizzard employees) for Hellgate: London's networking capabilities. By the end of the year, the test had become a project of it's own, with it's own team.

2007: Mythos enters closed beta testing.

2008: Flagship closes after Hellgate: London bombs. Every member of the Flagship team that was working on Mythos leave to work on their own game. The studio they formed was called Runic Games, and the game they went on to make was Torchlight.

2009: South Korean MMO publisher HanbitSoft acquire the Mythos intellectual property and all of it's assets, and continue work on the game.

2011: HanbitSoft release Mythos! Quinns writes news post about Mythos coming out, detailing the history of the game. Quinns takes one last look at this news post to make sure everything's OK, then hits the "publish" button.

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