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Winning The War For The Nazis: Blitzkrieg 3

With asynchronous multiplayer.

I've grown weary of the repetition and lack of ambition that underpins the current state of both Men of War and King's Bounty. Blitzkrieg 3 offers an answer to my tiredness: first, in that it's a long-dormant strategy series with a different take on the well-tread battlefields of World War 2; second in that it's by Nival, the studio which makes King's Bounty, returning to the series that first made their name. It's also ambitious in that it's aiming to pair its singleplayer campaign with a free-to-play multiplayer component with "optional subscription" that sounds a little like competitive tower defense. Huh!

To find out whatever that means you'll need to turn to this interview with the game's executive producer Sergey Orlovskiy. In it he mentions interesting features like the persistent development of both units and bases, and that the multiplayer battles will be asynchronous.

Basically the Blitzkrieg 3 multiplayer mode consists of two parts – unhurried building of your defences and attacking your opponents in fast-paced battles. You’ll be choosing the different landscapes for your bases, according to your preferred defensive style, constructing production buildings and fortifications, mines, anti-tank hedgehogs, barbed wire, and reinforcing it with your defensive military units.

While attacking you’ll try to break through other player’s AI-controlled defences to capture their base and resources, applying various units and tactics to solve the brain-teaser they have left for you.

Like The Castle Doctrine but with Nazis, then. Also the Soviets and Allies, as the other playable factions.

There are a bunch of videos of the game through at the game's site, including a series introducing the game's various features. Here's the first part, which chatters a little about base-building in that asychronous multiplayer mode while showing glimpses of the game.

The payment model is less clear at this stage, as the interview mentions that the game will have "paid single-player campaigns with free multiplayer, where you can purchase individual missions or an optional subscription via a premium account for all single player campaigns. There will be no micro-transactions."

I just remembered why we didn't cover this last time! It's because Blitzkrieg is the series Mark was always playing in Peep Show and every time I come to write about the game I spend 30 minutes looking for the clip of him saying "winning the war for the Nazis." Then I can't find it, become discouraged, and wander off to the kitchen to find something comforting. It just happened again right now. Here's the only relevant clip I could find that would play in my country:

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