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"The minions of hell are growing stronger" - Blizzard's mysterious new Diablo project

Resumes of souls

Spin that unsubstantiated rumour wheel! What's it gonna be? Red 18 for Warcraft 4, black 29 for Starcraft 3, red 6 for WOW2, or how about black 7 for Unannounced Diablo Project? Blizzard, generally speaking, are damned good at controlling information until they want information to be known, which means we very rarely have any real clue what their next move will be.

Until yesterday, when they went right out there and told the world that they're working on a new Diablo project.

Before we knee-jerk to Diablo 4 - as tempting as it might be - there are other possibilities. Remakes or remasters of Diablos 1 (which they've semi-done already) or 2, for instance, or a late-in-the-day expansion pack for Diablo III itself (which still looks entirely contemporary, despite its growing age).

All we have to go on is that Blizzard just put up job listings for an environment artist and a dungeon artist, both of which contain the line "We're working on a new, unannounced Diablo project." This rather strong statement at least suggests it's not simply a seasonal update for Diablo III.

Both positions are full-time rather than temporary too, and stipulate knowledge of 3D tools, suggesting this is a project of significant size and complexity as opposed to, say, just a spit'n'polish of the 2D Diablos 1 or 2. But speculation is only speculation.

There's also the line "The minions of Hell are growing stronger...", which wouldn't be the first thing I'd say to someone thinking of working at my company, but maybe the wannabe minions dig it.

Whaddaya reckon? Too soon for Diablo 4, too late for a Diablo 3 expansion, too pointless to remake, say, Diablo 2 in 2D? Or: anything, please, so long as it's Diablo, and soon.

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