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Fight Robot Swarms In Blood Alloy: Reborn, Out Now

Mechanical massacre

Blood Alloy is the game that John once referred to as Dark Souls meets Hotline Miami. After two and a half years in development, an unsuccessful Kickstarter, and a change of genre, Blood Alloy: Reborn [official site] is a a 2D score-attacking bullet-stormer and out now.

Blood Alloy began life as an out-and-out retro-inspired metroidvania and while there are still elements of that present here, Reborn is now very much a tactical, super-frantic, shoot-everything-that-moves 'em up with some neat gravity-defying traversal mechanics. Taking control of cyborg soldier Nia Rhys, you're tasked with the 'simple' job of staying alive for as long as possible, all the while utilizing an array of guns and swords and jetpacks against a decidedly unfriendly robot cohort. Suppressive Fire say the idea at this stage is to familiarise players with how the game works, and that "any revenue accrued from Blood Alloy: Reborn will be funneled directly into development of the full fledged Metroidvania" down the line. Here's the devs on that point:

"Blood Alloy has been in development since the summer of 2013. It was first introduced to the world by a Kickstarter - one that failed! But because initial momentum was so promising, we took the project back to the workshop and set ourselves to work. We gathered and listened to every bit of feedback we could, because we knew we had SOMETHING on our hands - we just had to polish it. While Blood Alloy was originally conceived as a full fledged Metroidvania, we wanted to release Blood Alloy: Reborn as a score chaser to introduce our fans to the game’s world, expose new players to our combat mechanics, and gather feedback about every aspect of gameplay that we can."

And here's a look at Reborn in full swing:

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Blood Alloy: Reborn is out now on Steam for the discounted price of £8.99 and also available for Windows, Mac and Linux direct from the developers.

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