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I Shot A Great Many Pigs In Blood And Bacon

Crude and janky and kinda fun

On the twentieth level of Blood and Bacon [official site], after I blew the bum off Princess Blubbergut and circle-strafed the colossal pig trying to shoot her vulnerable guthole while dodging torrents of vomit and feces, I thought "Yeah, I've probably had enough fun to post about a $1 game."

The shooter caught my eye for being an escapee from Xbox Live Indie Games, that PC-like outpost of the weird and wonderful. 79p for 100 levels of crude, crass, janky, wave survival with murderous pigs and a giant meat grinder? Yeah, go on then.

Blood and Bacon is a game where, every level, you go out into the same farmyard and shoot a load of pigs. Some are small pigs. Some are big pigs. Some are fast pigs. Some are armoured pigs. Some are skeletal pigs. Some are talking demonpigs. Some are happy to keep attacking even after you blow their head off and feed it into a giant meatgrinder (which turns pigchunks into powerups, obviously). Your only companion is a farmer who's pinned to the barn wall by a pitchfork, who'll chat between waves. He's okay with being impaled, but he really wants you to kill those pigs.

It's £0.79/$0.99/€0.99 on Steam.

It's crude and ugly and the shooting is bad and the port is wonky and it's probably too easy on keyboard and mouse and... I've played over an hour so far, just wanting to see what happens next. So far, the answer is mostly "you kill a few dozen pigs and return unscathed" but sometimes I'll encounter a weird new enemy, or cause a fireworks display by bouncing guts in the air with bullets, or it'll be a revenge day loading my guns with explosive ammo, or I'll face another wacky boss. I'm 23 'days' in and still curious to see what's next. What is this, and why?

Because sometimes shooting hordes of virtual murderhogs is kinda fun.

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