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Blue Yeti USB Microphone discounted by £40 this week

Great for streaming

Those of you who tend to have one eye on the tech world or are already world-renowned recording artists will have no doubt encountered Blue Yeti microphones before. All this is to say that, this week, you can pick up a fancy Silver Blue Yeti USB microphone for £40 less than you'd normally spend, over at Amazon UK.

The microphone will run you £79.99 for a limited time, so if you've considered setting up a YouTube account and putting your opinion on the internet, this might be a good time to jump in. Lord knows the internet could use more opinions.

Over the past decade, these little Mics have become the most-used USB microphones around, with everyone from Twitch streamers to YouTube folk to bedroom musicians using them. With good reason, to be fair, since these mics tend to walk the line of high-quality and affordability impeccably well. They're also decent at omni-directional sound, if you and a bunch of friends want to crowd around it like a campfire and record a podcast. Check it out.

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