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Blur: Sadly Not About Racing Faded Britpoppers

The full trailer for Bizarre Creations' (Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars) new racer is up - and it's real-world cars with fantastical power-ups. I saw Blur a little while back, and asked if there was any in-fiction explanation for these powers. They claimed not, all their attempts to dream one up having proved too ridiculous. I know I'm happy to just take it in my stride: magic cars are magic cars.

Despite the studio's fairly sober racing heritage, this'll be fairly accessible, apparently - Bizarre are aware that some driving games are too technical and presumptive to lure the more casual pretend-driver. Fun stuff, and hopefully the right mix of silly and satisfying. Mario Kart with less goon-faced mushroom men, perhaps, or a more unhinged Wipeout.

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Oh, and lest you were wondering - yes, this is indeed coming out on PC. Presumably one side-effect of Bizarre now being owned by Activision, rather than contracted by Microsoft, as was the case with the PGR series.

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