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Steampunk Courtroom Drama Bohemian Killing Out Now

Courtroom capers

If you're looking to stir up your summer video game slump with something a little different, you might be interested to hear that Bohemian Killing [official site] is now on Steam. It's a non-linear courtroom drama set in 19th century Paris.

Bohemian Killing casts the player as culprit--a young Alfred Ethon, who is suspected in the murder of a maid. All evidence points to you, so you'll have to prove your innocence by gathering counter-evidence, lying, or even claiming the insanity defense.

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Interestingly the game takes place in two points of time. The present sees you on trial in the courtroom. Each question from the judge triggers a flashback, transporting you back to the year the crime was committed and giving you a chance to relive your choices. There are a number of ways to approach your flashbacks, and consequently they'll have a large impact on how the case is resolved. These branching paths lead to different possible endings, although The Moonwalls suggests that none are necessarily considered "bad".

The game is fully voiced, featuring the talents of Stephane Cornicardi (Saving Private Ryan, Metal Gear Solid) as Alfred Ethon.

You can snag Bohemian Killing on Steam for Windows and Mac. It costs £12.99/16,99€/$16.99.

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