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Boing Boing Gadgets: Are A Fun Time

Ooh, we've not done this for a bit, so here's a list of some of the best stuff from our chums over at Boing Boing Gadgets.

- One day every RPS reader will have one of these mad pod things. "Ovei pods cost £50,000 and contain a "personal multimedia experience," supposedly enhanced by their egg-shaped chassis. Complete isolation, brown-note bass, the self-righting luxury of rolling around while you do whatever you need complete isolation to do ... what? I'm a paragraph in and am already completely confused."

- LEGO the-flying-car-from-Bladerunner. Which confirms my suspicion that someone, somewhere, is compiling a Lego collection of all the designs of science fiction, ever. One day this museum will be opened, and it will be the greatest thing we have ever known.

- Incredible not-quite-mono-cycle design. "Marrying a top-mounted seat with a traditional monocycle would quickly lead to a glistening smear of spinal fluid trailing slug-like down the freeway, but the NOAH is not a real monocycle — it has two closely mounted wheels, which act as stabilizers in turns. Speed, braking and turning is controlled Segway-style through pitching, leaning and shifting."

- The worst thing about this invention is that I actually need one.

- Sexy Star Wars Stormtrooper footwear. Mr Brownlee admits: "I'm not the only one who has nuzzled a passionate fantasy of PVC Death Star fumblings with a sexy female stormtrooper in both my brain and nethers ever since my pre-pubertal sexuality was awakened while watching the The Empire Strikes Back..." It's comforting, that internet.

- Lego For Adults. LEGO Uzi 9mm. What? (Americans call them Legos, you know.) Will the Legos never stop?

- Handcranked greetings cards. For our steampunk retro-future greetings?

Also they've been at the Diablo II on Battlenet, and point out that it can be procured digitally here.

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