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Bongs Primed For Brainpipe

Regular readers will of course be familiar with my personal penchant for flying very vast down some tubes. But they might not be aware that Simon Carless of Gamasutra is a great big hippie. I say this because not only did he perform some kind of transcontinental high-five with Kieron over the Minterian splendour of Space Giraffe, but he also sent me a link to a flying-down-tubes-very-fast game, only this time the tubes were psychedelic. All of which preposterous preamble leads me to Brainpipe, a game of lysergic excellence by Digital Eel. Simon loves it, and I bet that's because he lives in San Francisco with all the other draft-dodgers. You fly down a pipe, avoid some stuff, collect other stuff, and it all gets a bit trippy. There's a demo too. Try it.

I, meanwhile, will go back to reviewing Men Of War. Men Of War. That's a real game, with terrain and inventories. None of this colours and long hair and clever words stuff. Tsk.

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