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There aren't enough games in which you're indestructible. Even in Superman games and Hulk games you're kept Earthly by health and energy bars. Madness! There's nothing wrong with a good old power fantasy, but developers seem determined not to indulge us. This webgame does. In Boombot, you can fall down a hole and have to restart the level, but that's more error than death as such. More importantly, you can't be killed even by all the explosions in the world. See this?

This does not hurt the Boombot, not one bit. For he is INDESTRUCTIBLE.

Which is just as well, as he keeps dropping bombs everywhere. This is an indie physics-puzzle game, as approximately 98.7324235% of indie games now are, and in it you use the power of 'splodes to fling the wee fella across the level, over assorted obstacles and into a hard-to-reach exit at the other end. There are no direct movement controls, but you can place a bomb anywhere on the screen, anywhere at all. It's a matter of moving him with the blastforce, and clearing a path by identifying what's destructible. It's basic to look at, until you drop a bomb on top of a pyramid of fuel cannisters and the entire screen erupts. Splendid stuff, though I'm stuck on Level 16.

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