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Gearbox hint at Borderlands 3 announcement this month

It seems Gearbox Software are winding up to announce Borderlands 3, or a cooperative looter-shooter which is effectively Borderlands 3, later this month. They've posted an unsubtle tweet with an unsettling ? emoji and a cartoony, Borderlands-lookin' image saying "March 28." What about March 28? Oh, nothing. Perhaps they're simply celebrating the feast day of Saint Guntram, which is the sort of name Gearbox would go wild for. All we know is that this involves someone named Boston Ma. She sounds formidable.

Gearbox blasted the following vague tweet last night:

So they're announcing a Borderlands thing, obvs, but who is Boston Ma? A new villain filling the bloody shoes of Handsome Jack? A new hero?

I'm expecting a loud, brash stereotype of a Boston 'Irish' Catholic mother. Treating everything as a sports match to yell at, she'll wear a tattered Celtics vest, red knee socks, and a deflated basketball as an elbow pad. I imagine her dual-wielding a baseball bat and a hockey stick. This is all just my prediction, of course, but you tell me: who else would a Gearbox character named Boston Ma be?

We've known for aaages that Gearbox were planning a new Borderlands, and even seen some likely new graphics tech for rad cartoon shading, but it seems it'll soon be official.

Too bad Telltale have shut down, as what I'd most like to see from the hard alien world of bandits and treasure-hunters is more Tales From The Borderlands.

March 28th is also the first day of the PAX East convention in Boston, Massachusetts. Oho! Boston! This can't be a coincidence. Will the mysterious Boston Ma herself put in an appearance?

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