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Botany Manor is a stunning puzzler about growing plants

In your 19th century stately home

Botany Manor has an art style that reminds me of The Witness, but instead of filling its bucolic setting with line-drawing puzzles, it's about growing plants. This sounds vastly preferable to me. Check out the gorgeous trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoBotany Manor - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

You play as Arabella Greene, a retired botanist and owner of a stately home in 19th century England. As you wander the grounds and sun-soaked greenhouses, you solve puzzles by finding seeds, planting them, and carrying the pot to the environment it needs in order to grow.

"The plants you need to grow are fussy, and finding their ideal habitat will sometimes require you to think outside the box," says Botany Manor's Steam page. "There are many interactive items scattered around the house that can help you achieve this."

To aid your exploration, you'll also be collecting botanical posters, newspapers, letters, paintings and postcards which may steer you towards the solution for a particular plant. At the same time, you'll learn about Arabella Greene and her life as a woman of science in the 19th century.

Botany Manor was one of several games shown earlier this month at Nintendo's most recent Indie Showcase, but I missed it at the time. Based purely on its artwork, it deserves a post of its own and so here we are. Just look at that kitchen in the header image. I have no particular affection for stately homes, but I do love plants and pots and that screenshot is lousy with them.

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