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Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Bouncing mails with Paul Barnett last night and Boxhead turns up in conversation. Now, I'd heard of it, but never played any of the series. Clearly, it prompted me and - lo! - it's neat. Now, we'd be terribly behind the times linking to it now, but thankfully developer Sean Cooper has saved my indie cred by only releasing the latest version, Boxhead: The Zombie Wars a couple of weeks back. Phew. It's basically a Robotron derived shooter with a splash of Tower Defence stuff. It's had a splash of that previously, with walls and crates you can drop and similar, but now there's turrets and walls and... well, it plays really quickly. There's a mass of Zombies. There's you. And then the screen is red. Go play!

And, yes, if you're thinking the name rings a bell, it's the Ex-Bullfrog Sean Cooper who you may know from things like Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and Magic Carpet. And after being deep in the belly of EA, he's clearly having a lot of fun with this. Or you have to presume he is, as he's done five Boxheads in less than a year and a half.

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