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BPM: Bullets Per Minute is a beat-based FPS that looks oh so satisfying to play

Music to your thumbs

Plenty of FPS games will time their trailers so that all the shooting and kabooming happens on the beat (lookin' at you, Borderlands 3), but in BPM: Bullets Per Minute that's actually how it plays. I need you to do me a favor and stroll on in here to watch this rockn' trailer that does it more justice than I can with my meager words. In brief though, you're a valkyrie shooting and blasting hell creatures to the beat of some excellent rock opera tunes. It's planned for an August 2020 release.

Alright, on you go. Watch the shooty bangs and hear the riffs before I yam on any further.

"BPM is inspired by retro shooters of the 90’s. It is fast, frenetic and rhythmical," say Awe Interactive. "Delve into a randomly generated dungeon where one missed note can lead to your death."

You'll need to rhythmically blast through seven bosses to reach the final enemy. "Each boss moves and attacks in a unique way that you must learn to exploit if you want to succeed," they say. "Some attacks require you to jump over fields of lava, some to dodge fast projectiles, some to hold fast for a beat."

I try not to overuse the "it's like [game A] meets [game B]" line but if you were thinking "Doom meets Crypt Of The Necrodancer," yeah so was I.

Honestly, I'm quite garbage at Crypt Of The Necrodancer. I can carry a tune and keep a beat but ask me to move around in the game to one and something in my brain just short-circuits, turning my thumbs into uncontrollable sausages. I do enjoy rock music and there's something oh so satisfying about the shooting and jumping to the beat. Look at that little revolver tap again. It just feels tingly to watch, doesn't it?

BPM is planned to release in August. You can find and wishlist it on Steam until then.

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