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Bravely Default 2 is headed to PC next week

First time the series has been available outside Nintendo

Bravely Default 2 is coming to PC a week today, on September 2nd. It's the first time Square Enix's RPG series has appeared anywhere other than on Nintendo machines, and if excitable RPS treehouse messages from Katharine are any indication, it's good news for genre fans. I'm not a genre fan, but the background art is lovely enough to have me intrigued.

Here's a new trailer for the Steam release:

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For those keeping count, Bravely Default 2 is the third game in the JRPG series, and it stars all-new characters so you needn't have played the first two on Nintendo DS and 3DS. Its story sounds like pretty standard JRPG stuff, to me at least - four heroes set off to gather crystals representing the four elements and to defeat an ancient evil - but the first two games had big mid-game twists and perhaps Bravely Default 2 does as well.

In asking what the future held for RPGs earlier this year, genre expert Kat Bailey said that she'd just finished a 50-hour playthrough of Bravely Default 2, which she described - positively - as "a console RPG that exists solely to rehash Final Fantasy V."

"It’s incredibly fun. The Job System is strong as ever. It’s basically a 30-year-old RPG with better graphics and some quality-of-life improvements," wrote Kat. Katharine had great things to say about its combat, too.

If Kat liked it and Katharine likes it, that's good enough for me. Bravely Default 2 will launch on Steam on Thursday, September 2nd, and has a 10% discount available from now until September 13th.

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