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Fashion-brawling RPG Bravery Network Online is out in early access

Unbutton your shirt and deliver big damage

Bravery Network Online, a turn-based battle RPG where you can read an enemy a sob story to lower their attack, or unbutton your shirt for a knockout blow, is out now on Steam Early Access. Judging by the launch trailer, it looks a bit like Pokémon, but if you replaced all the monsters with high-fashion wrestlers.

Set in a post-scarcity future, stylish citizens battle to stay plugged into the cosiness of the Bravery network. As a coach, you'll bring together a gang of sleek brawlers, and help build up their confidence, teach them new moves, and adorn them with shiny necklaces.

You can explore Bravery Network Online's quirky world through singleplayer stories, but there's also the option to take your chic squad online and outmuscle folks to prove you're the most tasteful of them all.

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I can't get over some of the zany moves these citizens have up their sleeves. In the trailer above someone whips out a clipboard, ticks some boxes, and delivers the equivalent of a textual-haymaker. Another just admires the heck out of their opponent - twinkling puppy eyes and everything - knocking them senseless.

The developers, Gloam, say they envision Bravery Network Online staying in early access for one year, but this could change depending on feedback. In its current state, they say the game is fully playable and fleshed out, but plenty more improvements are lined up. New characters, modes, and moves, as well as greater depth to the world are planned for future updates.

Bravery Network Online is available on Steam for £18/€19/$22, a 10% discounted price for launch week which runs until the 23rd February. After that, it'll be £20/€21/$25.

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