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Breathedge is a space survival sim about abusing the immortality of a chicken

Hearse story

Nothing can sully the majesty of space. To think that the trespasses of mortals on infinite void could bear significance would be folly, as we are but cosmic specks. There's an immortal chicken in space survive 'em up Breathedge though, so now I don't know what to think.

It came out on early access yesterday.

There's been a big spaceship crash, you see, and your only fellow survivor seems to be a chicken that's mysteriously impervious to vacuum. If that wasn't grim enough, that spaceship was a hearse, and you're "a simple guy who just carried his grandpa's ashes to a galactic funeral and found himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy."

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Apparently my brain can only store one inanely popular dance at a time, because I was convinced those moves at the end had been lifted from Fortnite. It's actually, of course, the Veleta.

Poultry aside, you survive in the usual fashion: crafting objects while topping up hunger and thirst metres. There's a space-base to supply with oxygen and electricity, and a space-car that presumably needs caring for too - though not in the current build. This is only the first chapter, before Ian Spaceman (look, if you don't give protagonists names then I will) has figured out how to bosh together something that complicated.

The devs say they'll come out of early access "within 16 months". By then they'll have added "a comprehensive storyline, all the necessary game mechanics, lots of objects for building and crafting, as well as many other little details".

Breathedge is available on Steam Early Access for £10/$13/€13, though that'll go up when the next chapter is added.

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