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Bright Memory Infinite is a stunning first-person hack-and-slash shooter

Devil May Crysis

Bright Memory: Infinite looks like what would happen if you crossed Crysis and Devil May Cry. It's a first-person shooter with serious technical flair in which you can also dash, fight with swords and juggle enemies.

There's a new trailer below showing all of the above, as well as boss fights, and the player laser-grappling onto the wing of a crashing airplane. It's a lot.

Cover image for YouTube videoBright Memory:Infinite Game Charging Night Trailer

The game's developer offered a little more context in a post on Steam. The fight on the wing of a plane, for example, is against the "Mysterious Masked Man."

"The player must race to the top of the mountain and use their grapple to latch onto a crashing airplane in order to reach the Hanging City, which is suspended by the immense gravity of the black hole." Of course.

The same post also talks through some of the weapons you'll use and recent graphical changes. Bright Memory: Infinite is, to some extent, a remake (and vast expansion) of last year's Bright Memory. Originally released as an 'Episode 1', it received enough positive feedback (and sales) that its (mostly solo) developer pivoted to a single, large future release, called Bright Memory: Infinite. It'll be free to anyone who buys the original Bright Memory ahead of Infinite's release.

That release shouldn't be far away. The same Steam post says that development has "entered its final phase", focused on bugfixing, voice recording, and music creation. The original Bright Memory, meanwhile, is 20% off on Steam.

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