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Brilliant-Looking Mod Mashes Up TF2, Binding Of Isaac

Sometimes, modding is a delicate, subtle art - its inspirations many and nuanced, and its results unexpectedly evocative. It's akin to the flap of a butterfly's wings - barely even a whisper on the wind, yet capable of breathing pollen-dappled life into countless fields and genres. Other times, modding's about taking one crazy and thing and cramming it into another crazy thing to make a third, orders of magnitude crazier thing. Which brings us to a completely insane Binding of Isaac mod for Team Fortress 2. The objective, so far as I can tell, is to do normal TF2 stuff (teamwork, friendship, murder) while also dealing with an onslaught of decidedly un-bound bosses. It looks completely wild. Traverse the break's treacherous dungeons to check it out.

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So that looks... chaotic. I'm extremely impressed by the mod's replication of Isaac's look/atmosphere (and even a couple of its roguelikier bits), though.

There's a chance you'll encounter it in the map rotation if you join up on Slag Gaming's zombie fortress server, but the mod's creators note that it's still definitely a work-in-progress. The final version, they claim, will introduce two more bosses, 20 percent more content, and "a few other features." That could mean literally anything ever, but I hope it involves angrily shooting Gurdy over and over and over and over because I am seriously so bad at that fight.

But yes, this looks like quite the thing. Has anyone had a chance to give it a go? Does it... does it actually, you know, work?

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