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Brink Devs Not Ruling Out PC Version Of Rad Soldiers

Good news! After a period of relative silence following Brink's splash-that-wasn't, Splash Damage is back with another game about men shooting other men. However, not-so-good news: iOS, greedy devourer of worlds that it is, swallowed the poor thing whole. And while the Enemy Territory developer also has a free-to-play PC exclusive in the works for later this year, Rad Soldiers - as the iOS-bound strategy is known - looks like asynchronous XCOM wearing TF2's pants. In other words: delightful. I wants it, precious. I wants it. Fortunately, Splash Damage told us that all hope isn't lost.

"At the moment we're concentrating all our efforts to produce a compelling iOS experience. But yes, we thought about bringing this game to PC. How, exactly, we will see in the future. Stay tuned," a Splash Damage rep told RPS.

And while a touch-based interface and asynchronous, on-the-go turn-taking might seem like rather big bites of Apple leftovers, it certainly wouldn't be a huge stretch to give the interface a mouse-and-keyboard makeover. Moreover, games like Frozen Synapse have made asynchronous play shine on PC, so this is hardly unheard of.

Elsewhere in Splash Damage land, the developer recently spawned publisher WarChest and online service Fireteam to aid in its goal of crafting high-quality "free-to-plAAA" games and aiding other developers in doing the same. That's free-to-play plus triple-A, mind - not free-to-play plus falling off a building. CEO Paul Wedgwood told Gamasutra that he's hoping it'll evolve into gaming's HBO equivalent, so fingers crossed for 100 minutes of pointless nudity per game. Apparently, we'll hear more about Splash Damage's upcoming PC exclusive - presumably part of that label - "soonish."

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