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British Inspiration Awards Include Gaming

Isn't it nice when gaming brings everyone together? And other stuff too, like books, films and fashion. But especially games. A cross-party initiative has seen the leaders of the big three British political parties (growl, SNP fans) gritting their teeth and pretending to agree about how simply excellent Britain is when it comes to creating stuff. And so we have the British Inspiration Awards, which aim to celebrate just how jolly good we are. And we mention it because, rather splendidly, it's to include videogames. It's significant, not simply that they weren't forgotten, but that they genuinely are being recognised alongside their peers when it comes to entertaining ourselves. You can see the full press release below.

"Interactive entertainment" it's called in the list (at the bottom of the press release). It's going to take place on the 23rd April, and then is planned to be an annual thing, presumably so long as everyone remembers to be creative.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP, David Cameron MP and Nick Clegg MP back UK creative industries sector * Britain's Creative Sector to recognise major contributors to country's economic, social and artistic development in music, fashion, film, games, design, television and the arts
Tuesday 16th March/... Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP, Conservative Leader David Cameron MP and Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP today threw cross party support behind the UK’s creative industries sector as it launched a major new awards initiative. The British Inspiration Awards, a major new celebration of Britain’s cultural sector, celebrates the people and the achievements that have helped Great Britain become a global power-house of creative endeavour.

Supported by industries including video games, interactive entertainment, fashion, music, film, television and media, the BIAs will also be a charity-facing event with 100 per cent of net proceeds going to UK charities, including help for the families of UK Armed Forces.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP, said:
“Britain is a country full of talent. You see it every time you turn on the TV, when you watch a sports event, a film, or flick through the pages of a fashion magazine. You can hear it in our music. And you can feel it in the energy and dynamism of our communities.

“I am enormously proud of the talented people in this country who, through their creative and entrepreneurial gifts, illuminate their lives and enrich ours. And the British Inspiration Awards is a great way of both recognising their endeavours and celebrating our achievements as a nation.”

David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party, said:
“British design and creativity has led the world for many years, and we should be proud of that heritage. I welcome the opportunity this event brings to celebrate our many creative successes.”

Nick Clegg MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:
“This event is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the excellence of the individual nominees in their respective fields and also to recognise the enormous contribution that creativity makes to our economy, our society and our culture.”

The British Inspiration Awards have been created to recognise those who have contributed to our country’s economic, social and artistic development through creative endeavour. Rather than hiding our nation’s light under a bushel, the British Inspiration Awards are designed to help Britain develop a positive spirit for the future, and foster a community where difference and diversity are looked upon as an asset. The BIAs will honour the top creative, entrepreneurial, inspirational people that have helped make Britain great over many years.

The event is being driven by an Executive Committee led by David Yarnton, UK MD of Nintendo. Yarnton, said: “The UK is the creative capital of the World. Whether it’s Damien Hirst or Simon Cowell; Damon Albarn or Ridley Scott, Dame Vivienne Westwood or Jonathan Ive; Sam Houser or Amy Winehouse, this nation has an incredibly rich and colourful heritage of creativity.

“The political cross-party support is welcomed and is further evidence of the importance in which the sector is now held. Our view is that it is about time that the UK creative sector was recognised for its achievements. It has much to be proud of and we intend to bring together creative industries from across Great Britain and give recognition where it is due.

“We have received a tremendous reaction from across the UK as creative and media industries get behind us, share our vision for supporting charity whilst amplifying the messages of the great work for which this Nation has been responsible.”

He added: “We also want to stand up and show support for many organisations and charities that deserve more help and support. As a sector we are proud to do this.”

In recognition of an individual, company or group’s contribution to the Creative Economy of Great Britain and the Inspiration that they give to others they will be awarded a Boudica; a forward-looking woman who inspired others around her. The Boudica logo with its four shades represents England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland moving forward together as one.

BIA Award Categories
Innovation, Enterprise and Industry
Science and Technology
Interactive Entertainment
Special Recognition

The inaugural British Inspiration Awards will take place on Friday 23rd of April 2010 at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London EC1.

Partners also include The Brewery, Daily Mail, Express Newspapers, City AM, Fullers and Diageo.

The British Inspiration Awards has an Executive Board which is led by David Yarnton. The Board includes:
Richard Desmond – Northern & Shell Plc
Wendy Malem - Director of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise at London College of Fashion.
Russ Lindsay - James Grant Media Group
Simon Harvey – Barrington Harvey
Tom George - CEO Media Edge CIA
Gary MacManus – CEO Reach LTD
Colonel Ben Farrell MBE
Nicola Mendelsohn – Chairman Karmarama
Philip Snape – MD PSA Communications

A working group is responsible for the event.

The BIAs will support The Dallaglio Foundation and Games Aid as its main beneficiaries.

A prime beneficiary of The Dallaglio Foundation is the Help for Heroes Charity.

Further information can be found at

Tickets can be ordered through the web site or by calling Barrington Harvey
01462 456780.

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