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British Invasion: Company Of Heroes 2 Expandaloned

With bonus poem!

In celebration of the newly-released Company of Heroes 2 [official site] standalone multiplayer expansion I've written a poem. Like all good poems it rhymes, except for the part where I use a Spanish word because I ran out of rhymes. This is what gives it an 'international' edge and is evidence that I am a citizen of the world and not a bad poet.

It's sweet and right to die at war, Dulce et Decorum est
That's the lie that's often told, as Owen said it best
So what might that have got to do with Company of Heroes?
From Sega comes its stand-alone expansion, at roughly $12 dineros

Did you like it? The expansion, which is delectably called The British Forces, features 15 new units, eight multiplayer maps and a bunch of new commanders. It's standalone but can compete with regular CoH 2 players. You'll find it on Steam for £9.99. You may have missed that from the poem but it's all in the subtext.

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