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Browser-based domain price guessing game shows the web has a way with words


How much, exactly, would it cost you to be the proud owner of the domain ‘pundit.xyz’? What about ‘eloneliness.com’?

If you think you’ve got a good guess, you should try out Domain Pricing, which will pit two names against one another and ask which you think is the more expensive one to get your hands on. (Bear in mind that some domain names may be not safe for work. And that they’re usually the most valuable ones.)

Domain Pricing is the creation of designer Martin O’Leary, based on a tweet by game developer Holly Gramazio, and I am very, very bad at it, but I also can’t stop playing. It's reminding me how much I love words and now I need to see every last one put to this glorious use: earmarking a space on the internet for you to put whatever you want there.

Lazy lemurs, for your personal collection of pictures of sleeping Madagascan mammals. I don't really know what you would do with 'permissiveness dot com' but it just rolls off the tongue. Or perksmith – that one sounds like an RPG protagonist who’s very good at choosing how to level up – and it’s yours for $2,695.

I personally want to nab ranting.com for the low, low price of $20,000, but the game also comes with the helpful note: “please don't buy any of these domains, they're all terrible and you'd be supporting asshole domain squatters,” so I shan’t.

You can test out your bargain-spotting skills at the game’s website, and it’s free, which even I can tell you is good value.

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