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Bug-shaped mechs and tiny inventors await in Stonefly, out this June

The devs describe it as "Rogue One shrunk down to Fern Gully size"

Games where you get to play as tiny people and creatures have always delighted me, and now there's a game that throws mechs into that mix - a match made in heaven. Stonefly is an upcoming game made by the developers of Creature In The Well, where you play as a tiny inventor who flies around in bug mechs. It has a gorgeous art style and a colourful world, and it comes out on June 1st.

In this pretty adventure game, you play as Annika Stonefly. She's searching for her father's lost bug mech rig, with help from a team of pilots named the Acorn Corps.

Cover image for YouTube videoStonefly Snapshot | Combos | MWM Interactive

From the sound of the story and the trailer alone, Stonefly already seems great. For me, that greatness is amplified by the developers describing the plot as "Rogue One shrunk down to Fern Gully size". I used to watch Fern Gully all the time when I was little, I had no idea how much I wanted a game like it until this moment.

I'd be satisfied enough just zooming around the forest in my little mech, but the combat looks fun and varied too. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to gain more abilities and skills, most of which it seems you use to flip enemy beasties onto their backs and blow them away off of your leafy battleground.

Cover image for YouTube videoStonefly 101 | The Story of Stonefly | MWM Interactive

"Our small team set out to create something visually unique and mechanically original with Stonefly and we think players are going to love following Annika's journey and gliding around the world we've created," game director Bohdon Sayre says in a press release. I also think I'm very much going to enjoy gliding around this world.

Stonefly will be available on June 1st on Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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