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Building Spaceships Like I'm Seven Again: Reassembly

Let's smash our bricks together

My love of video games partly comes down to not owning enough Lego when I was younger to build spaceships to fight each other. Thankfully, digital Lego is plentiful and cheap. Reassembly has lots and lots, letting you use a variety of pre-constructed spaceship sections to build ever-increasing sizes of ship and destroy others, harvesting their pieces for yourself. It's a cool concept, a bit like an expanded Captain Forever, and its blueprint-y look particularly caught my eye. Creator Arthur Danskin is looking for $28k (~£17k) on Kickstarter to finish the game up.

The animation really matches the style. Whatever algorithm is driving the way ships break up is excellent, impacts from weapons fire look like they mean something. Hopefully the huge 500+ ship battles mentioned are actually plausible in the engine without everything grinding the a halt. It'd be great to be able to build myself up from a single small fighter to a fleet of capital ships in a quick, easy to understand game like this. Players can upload their ships and download others', and a tournament mode will let you pitch your designs against theirs.

The game is in closed alpha testing now, but no build's available for potential pledgers to play. If you fancy it anyway, pledging $12 (£7.40) will get you a copy when it enters Early Access, slated for November. The full version is expected in February. Whoops. For the Early Access version you'll need to drop $30(£18.46). The cheaper version only gets you the full release.

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