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Build Your Own AdventurOS

The basic concept behind AdventurOS is one that has fascinated me for years: build a game that interprets a computer's file structure as level code, thus creating a unique but repeatable and controllable experience for everyone. Evelend Games have taken this and fitted it naturally within a fantasy metroidvania mold. Each room is built from a folder with doors used to go deeper into sub-folders, while monsters, chests and other oddities are spawned from the files within. Trailer with a more intricate explanation past the jump.

It's intriguing, but I do wonder exactly how well it can operate when there are such a huge number of file types available. Will it distinguish between various image formats, or spawn a single entity for all of them? How about proprietary formats that are used only by specific software? In an age of easily purchasable terabyte drives, what will the game do with my flatmate's several-gig wallpaper folder? Or my downloads folder when I haven't cleaned it for six months, install exes and cat pictures strewn about the place?

How the developers choose to tackle these challenges, and many more besides, will be very interesting. They're about a third of the way there to a $10,000 goal on Indiegogo with a decent amount of leeway, time-wise. Check it out for more details.

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