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Build your own glitched driving track in Need 4e+9 Speed

Glitch if you wanna go faster

Driving games are by their nature chaotic, but that’s something of an understatement for Need 4e+9 Speed. Not only are you and up to three pals building the track underneath you as you go, casting colourful ribbons all about the place, there’s two very important dedicated buttons: Glitch and Horn.

They both do pretty much what you’d expect, but in equally satisfying ways. Glitch sends everything spinning through the air. Bright bits of track, your plucky little car, letters from the title that are constantly hovering overhead, everything is fair game. There’s a good chance you’ll end up on your car’s roof, in which case the best thing to do is glitch over again and hope. You might get a look into space, where there appears to be at least one star and an ambiguous moon/sun orb, but it’s difficult to tell from brief glimpses as you spin back down to the featureless white surface below.

Horn makes you honk your horn. It’s a very pleasing, clean honk. 10/10.

I do recommend hooking up a controller for this. Not only is it a little janky if you try to use a keyboard, I’m not sure what the buttons are mapped to because the game’s store page only lists controller bindings (Y and B respectively). And not being able to honk would be a tragedy.

You can download Need 4e+9 Speed for pay what you want with no minimum price from

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