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Bus Simulator 2008 Demo!

Control yourselves: the Bus Simulator 2008 demo is out. Warning: it's possibly not a good idea to play this after prolongued sessions with GTA IV. Especially since its primitive engine does let you knock down lampposts and traffic lights.

With intro music sounding like Hannah Gordon is about to appear to sell you gardening equipment, this really is the afternoon television of gaming. Your task is to gently, sensibly, and most of all legally, drive your bus from stop to stop, letting passengers off and on, and get this, without murdering even one of them. It's weird and confusing. Run over a single passenger and that's it, game ends. I'm not sure even First have that policy.

TAKE THAT, tree nemesis!

Still, it affords me the opportunity to do a vastly better job than any single bus driver in the whole of Bath, and I'd suggest the entire UK. What with my bus TURNING UP AT ALL, YOU USELESS OVERPRICED SHITBAGS. When I'm in charge, and believe me it will be soon, every time anyone who works for that bus company - from the drivers to the managers swimming in their infinite money - orders delivered food, they'll be told, "Yes, it's on its way," and then will never show up, ever. Oh yes indeed. I'll go that far.

Um, so you can get the Bus Simulator 2008 demo from here.

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