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This tiny train simulation is much better than a morning commute

Take a little test drive in Cab Ride

If you're missing your morning commute right about now, or perhaps especially if you aren't, check out this super cute train simulation called Cab Ride. Or heck, put it in "screensaver mode" like I have and just watch it go by while you work. It's a lovely tour through a procedurally generated world where you can stop to pick up passengers from such places such as South Fish on your way to Curry Town and Noodles Parkway.

Cab Ride is on the light side of simulation, but it's all the better for it. Without too many sim bits to keep track of, you can learn your way by feel how to stop at the appropriate part of each platform, allowing you to really appreciate each station, their silly names, and the landscapes in between as you drive.

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For fellow train newbies, pulling down on the throttle makes your train go faster while pushing up will brake. I admit I blew straight through a couple stops before I figured that one out. Stop your train just before the final signal at each station so you can open your doors to swap passengers and then close your doors again before accelerating. That's about all there is to it, but it's worth taking a few minutes to tinker with for the cheaper than a train pass price of free.

I admit I'm from the generation of childhood Game Boy Color players who get embarrassingly nostalgic for this aesthetic but really, just look at it. Forests and mountains and cities all fly by, procedurally generated alongside your tracks in bright colors. The sunsets in the mountains are a particular treat, in my opinion, though the orange lights of a distant city at night are a close second. Ah and then there's the chiptune music, too.

You can find Cab Ride by Ben Jones (with soundtrack by Stephen Jones) over on Itch where you can either download it or play right in your browser.

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