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Cabin In The Snow Offers Winter While You Work

Cabin In The Snow [ page] was one of the results of the Low Rez Jam which ran earlier in April. The idea was to make a game with a resolution of 64x64 pixels. No pseudo low rez nonsense allowed.

I've just started picking through the games and this one stuck out to me - even though I think it might break the rules a little(?) - because of the description text. It's in English but has that non-native speakerness which can end up curiously poetic:

Unlike the girl, you do not need to keep watching this game.

Do falling into thoughts while listening to sounds of winter forest or do other works.

And then come back when this job comes to your mind.

I hope that doesn't sound patronising, they're just really nice turns of phrase and they fit with the game's aesthetic and intent.

The idea is simple - you keep a pathway to a house clear of snow. If you clear the path and tab out the snow will keep falling and gradually need clearing again. As the game runs you still get the sounds of winter winds and birdsong and rustling trees. I really like it.

Or at least I did until the girl started to idle and whistled to herself. I'm so bad with whistling - it's like nails down a blackboard for me. But a quick bit of sweeping put an end to that. She's building a snowman now and it's lovely. No whistling at all now - just chilly wind and flapping of birds as the snow piles up.

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