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Dress Like A Sofa With Advanced Warfare Master Prestige

What Liberace would have wanted

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [official site] has introduced Master Prestige ranks which are another way to earn elite weapon drops and culminate in a Grand Master Prestige gear set which kind of makes you look like your character has been mistaken for a couch and upholstered.

This is in addition to normal Prestige mode. Prestige mode allows you to reset your XP in multiplayer so you can level up to rank 50 all over again fifteen times earning permanent unlocks, emblems and player cards along the way.

The Master Prestige ranks are an extension of those original 15. You can enter Master Prestige at Prestige level 15 and then work your way to that ornate purple sofa-armour.

Actually, the character gear is being described as "royalty camo" so I guess it would be good for hiding in the soft furnishings before jumping out on partygoers at Versailles in the 1700s?

Here are the elite drops on offer for each Master Prestige level:

1. BAL27 - Obsidian Steed
2. MP11 - Goliath
3. MORS - Silver Bullet
4. TAC19 - Sledgehammer
5. EM1 - Polar Vortex
6. ARX160 - Steel Bite
7. AMR9 - Pro Pipe
8. AMELI - Whale Horn
9. AE4 - Gigawatt
10. IMR - Thunder Tusk
11. SN6 - Money
12. ASM1 - Speakeasy
13. PYTAEK - Loophole
14. HBRA3 - Bear Fist
15. ASM1 - Strider

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