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Calm Down, Deer: The Deer God Trots Out Of Early Access

Cursed by the gods

And another Kickstarted game gallops over the finish line!

I really, really wanted to lead this news post with more deer-related puns, but when I looked back over our past coverage of The Deer God [official site] I realised I'd been beaten to the punch. Life is such a cruel and terrible thing; all the easy terrible jokes have been done already.

Still, it could be worse. I could be a flannel shirt-wearing hunter whose soul has somehow become trapped within the body of his preferred prey. I too could be subject to the capricious whims of the god of deer. Or knowing I was recycling puns could be enough to stop me. Sorry, chums.

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For the young bucks among you who haven't herd of The Deer God, it's one of those spangly '2.5D' games, portraying its 3D environments from a 2D perspective with an art style that is pure lush pixel art. I know that some among you aren't inclined to fawn over pixel art rearing its head once more, but no need to pelt me with opprobrium: I'm sure a photorealistic deer-based game will be along sooner or later. Have a hart, eh?

The challenge before The Deer God's antlered protagonist is surviving the game's procedurally generated worlds as he journeys ever onward. Predators - from the mundane to the monstrous - will do their best to claim your hide as a trophy. There are also puzzles, of course.

Back in December Marsh Davies took a look at The Deer God when it was in Early Access, and he wasn't too impressed. Still, this is a game that almost hit double its initial Kickstarter target and has garnered a broadly positive response on Steam already, so who knows? It might be the game fur you. If you're all doe-eyed at the prospect, it's available on Steam for £9.34/$12.74/€12.74. It's on Humble too.

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