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Capcom's E3 line-up will include more Resident Evil Village

Time for Big Lady DLC

E3 2021 is approaching faster than I'm comfortable with, and yet I'm also eager for it to just hurry up and start already. Another step towards that happening: Capcom announced (a presumably partial) line-up for their showcase.

On Moday, June 14th at 2:30pm PDT/5:30pm EST/10:30pm BST, you'l be able to watch news on The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Monster Hunter Rise, and Resident Evil Village.

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Capcom announced the line-up via tweet and a short video:

If there were prizes for "most improved games publisher", Capcom would have to be a contender. When I started writing about games fifteen years ago, they still had Street Fighter and Resident Evil, but they also spent a lot of time trying to make people outside of Japan care about Onimusha by putting Jean Reno in it. A fine way to appeal to dads, certainly - and there's no doubt Lost Planet would have been better if Jean Reno was in that, too - but it wasn't a winning long-term strategy.

All of the games on the line-up are out, or at least known quantities, but still. I'm excited about more Phoenix Wright. I'm excited for more Monster Hunter - even if Monster Hunter Rise isn't coming to PC until sometime next year. I'm excited for more Resident Evil Village, because even if it split opinion upon release, it certainly wasn't boring.

The question is what else, if anything, Capcom will have at the show. Onimusha 6, starring Brendan Gleeson?

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