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Capturetrainridefight! - Dragon's Prophet's Open Beta

Everyone, I think I might be a prophet. Like, I'm just walking along, going about my daily business, when these senses-overwhelming glimpses of the future appear in my inbox. It's crazy. They tell me - in voices I imagine to be terrifyingly thunderous - of videogames that won't be out for weeks. Sometimes even months! Why was I chosen to bear this terrible burden? I may never know. But my latest bone-rattling email from the beyond has told me that SOE's monster-taming MMO, Dragon's Prophet, is going into open beta next week. Hmm, wonder what that's all abo- HNRRRGHH. Oh jeez, I'm having a vision! See it... HMRRR... afterURRRGH... the break.

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Those sure were some dragons. Except that slithering gorilla thing. I feel like dragging one's tree-trunk-sized arms might be stretching the definition of "dragon" a little.

The open beta kicks off on May 30th, with Founders gaining early access on May 29th. But what does a dragon prophet actually do? These things, mostly:

"In a world shaped by dragon-kind, more than 300 unique dragons roam the lands. Fight, capture, train and ride them in order to unlock their unique skills and abilities."

"The dragons you choose to capture shape your character and, ultimately, your fate. Will you be a legendary tank or a famous healer? Do you lead the charge or let your dragons bear the brunt of the fighting? Training the right dragons is the difference between life and death!"

OK then, I'm gonna pick Obvious Traitor Dragon. I have a really good feeling about that guy. But yes, the dragons look impressively large and varied, and the rest seems, er, like an MMO. Should be worth a quick look, if nothing else. I'm getting a kind of TERA-meets-Pokemon vibe from the whole thing. How about you?

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