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Carmageddon Too? Armageddon Riders

Russian racer Armageddon Riders (or Clutch - both names seem to be being used) is a Carmageddon-meets-Burnout looking game, which is something we haven't seen in a while. Splatting pedestrians with a car has obviously become the domain of GTA and its many illegitimate children, but none are pure racing games. This one's all about zombies, racing cars, and hitting zombies with racing cars. It's out in Russia via developers Targem right now. (Google's translation of that page here.) No word on an English release (that I can find), but there's a trailer packed full of in-game splattage, below.

Sorry this is all a bit scarce. We'll try and find out more details. In the meantime, enjoy the below. Especially the in-car view with the zombies wedged to the bonnet. Good times.

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There's also a Russian trailer, with different content, on You Tube. I love racing games where you can drive up curved walls and do rolls. It's something that's just so missing from GRT2 and it's ilk.

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