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Carpe Fulgur Localising Trails In The Sky SC

Is it odd that we report on the localisation work of one specific company? Regardless, the fallout from their last couple of pieces of work - Fortune Summoners, Chantelise, and Recettear - seem to make up for any oddness in localisation reporting. The news that Carpe Fulgur are now converting Trails in the Sky SC into our Anglo-Internet language is wholesome news. The odd things is, though, this is the second chapter of the JRPG, and the first chapter is soon to arrive on PC without CF's involvement.

Details below.

What's that you say? CF explain that the first chapter's localization was already done (I believe for the North American version of the game on PSP/PS3): "To be clear, we have not contributed to the localization of FC – this was done some years ago and nearly drove poor Jessica Chavez of XSEED mad in the attempt. This is another small part of the reason our work has taken a while – we have been trying to pace ourselves as best we can so that our personal lives do not suffer from work. SC, or “Second Chapter”, will be our work. While Ms. Chavez and others at XSEED will be checking over what we do and contributing as necessary (and a large part of the point of the exercise is to help XSEED have resources free to do other things), in the end, the text you see in the game will be our work, and you can expect the same quality of localization as found in our other products."

Interesting! Will CF's second part and XSEED's own conversion match up? It seems like it should, but only time will tell. Whatever the truth, converting either chapter is a big deal, as CF emphasize: "Trails is unquestionably our largest project to date; the main scenario alone is larger than the entire script for Recettear. It is a project that we knew would take an extraordinarily long time to actually finish – a project that we knew many companies had previously rejected for this very reason."

More on this soon, no doubt.

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