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Castle of Illusion Remade, Released, Readallaboutit

I'm doing day one, week one of the Couch To 5k down memory lane on this story, so please excuse any wheezing and sweaty patches. It was, ooh, 23 years since the original Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion was released. Games were a different beast back then: we found about them mostly from papery things with bright colours, staples and in-jokes. If you wanted to see them moving before you bought them, you had to ask your dad to take you to a shop so you could stare at a TV on a counter. That's how I first saw the original Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion, and the next time I saw it was on my little TV in my house. Now I'm trying to figure out if it was any good, because the remake of it is out this very day. Trailer below.

I seem to remember being blown away by its graphics and animation back then, but I was also seemed to think listening to Guns 'n' Roses and watching wrestling was an acceptable use of my spare time. Not like today. Ahem. But the new edition seems very attractive. It's pretty and bouncy, and looks like a modern Disney game, which is initially off-putting, but it's also apparently a good game. Here's what it looks like.

Watch on YouTube

It should out today on Steam.

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