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Feature: Well?

What are we all playing this weekend?

The start of the year is always a quiet one, with devs just getting back to work after the holiday, but stuff is beginning to happen again. That's good. I say as if, y'know, I didn't already have more games I want to play than I do time to play them.What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

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Feature: Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Nuts review

In Nuts, you are a recent graduate who has been sent out into the woods to research squirrels. But the squirrels, needless to say, are not as they seem. Getting to the root of this forestry mystery involves putting down remote cameras during the day, and then reviewing the footage in your caravan by night, to see what the little fellows get up to after…

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Feature: Ask yourself not 'can?', but 'why?'

How hard is it to make your video game dog pettable?

Dogs. We all love to pet them. And in the game. And thanks to the Twitter account Can You Pet The Dog?, we know where to find them. Pettable dogs where they weren’t before can make gaming news. But of course, "can you pet the dog?" is only one question. "Why can you pet the dog?" is quite another. I spoke to some indie developers…

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Feature: The best animals

Have you played… Planet Zoo?

It was a real surprise to me when Planet Zoo started to truly click. It doesn't happen often, with games this high on the complexity ladder. There's such an incredible amount of stuff to learn about Planet Zoo, not just about the running of the zoo itself and the needs and desires of every animal, but also the remarkably powerful building tools available to the…

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Feature: Hide in shadows

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 125: the best sneakings in games special

Welcome once again, gentle listener, to the Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This week's episode demands that you tread carefully and quietly, in case you disturb Nate, or awaken the Ken Loach he has trapped in a shipping container in his garden, for we are discussing the best sneakings in games. Our favourite stealthy-me-dos. We also bring you a long tangent about zoos, a brief discussion…

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Feature: Making Ichi-bank

The joy of being a benevolent capitalist in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Hong Kong has a popular snack chain called Aji Ichiban. Despite the name, it’s not actually Japanese, but I do recall going to these stores a lot whenever my family and I visited, where we’d fill our suitcases with its giant pack range of Chinese pork jerky and dried mangos.Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s Ichiban Confections is also a snack shop, albeit one that specialises in…

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Feature: I... DRINK... YOUR... (space) MILKSHAKE!

Have You Played… Offworld Trading Company?

OK, I know this is my second Have You Played…? to find an excuse to start by talking about Age Of Empires 2, and I imagine Alice Bee is making a proper wolf noise out of frustration as she edits this. I am almost sorry. But like a smug schoolboy proclaiming he’s "home" in a game of "it" by touching a tree, I've got a…

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Feature: Speed demon

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition preview

I've logged many, many hours in Nioh 2 on the PS4, so I was excited to get hands on Nioh 2: The Complete Edition for PC, a preview build missing some technical features like HDR support and ultra wide resolutions that will be in the full build. It includes everything that's in the base version of the action-RPG, of course, alongside all three DLCs. But…

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Feature: Despite all his rage, he is still just Nicolas Cage

How would you explain Nic Cage’s bootleg Five Nights At Freddy’s movie to a medieval peasant?

It's a common, fun thought experiment to imagine how you might go about explaining a television or a phone to a medieval peasant. The prospect is challenging, but feels ultimately achievable through the fundamental commonality of the human experience. The thought of explaining "the pending release of a Nicolas Cage film that is legally distinct from the PC game Five Nights At Freddy's, but which…

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Feature: New year, old games

Our favourite games of 2020

What's up gamers? It's 2021 and that means it's time to round up the team's favourite games of 2020. You'll already know our selections if you read our annual Advent Calendar, but this post gathers all those words and games together in one convenient package.

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Feature: Jam a mouth on your knees

Have You Played… Spore?

Spore is several games in one, none of which are particularly impressive on their own. It's life sim meets strategy, where you grow a tiny organism with a little snappy mouth into a horrible monstrosity you made look like a penis because you’re hilarious. Eventually that penis will become a spacefaring species trying to traverse and spread throughout the galaxy.

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Feature: Moving forwards I think we need more of this

More games need Yakuza 5’s weird pivot to J-Pop sim

Oh you lucky, lucky lot. Yakuza 5 (along with Yakuzas 3 and 4) will finally hit PC on January 28th, with not just Yakuza's main boy Kiryu to play as, but four other certified legends too. However, out of the four of them, only one doesn't sport a giant back tattoo of a crane throttling a bear, or share ancestry with Marcus Fenix. Instead, they're…

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Feature: Professor Helper, at your service.

Have You Played… Hypnospace Outlaw?

Ah, the internet. It might be a cesspool of fibre optic-fuelled hate and anxiety these days, but back in ye olde dial-up times of 1999 it felt like a new frontier of hot information. It was a place where people were just trying to share their art, thoughts, music and other assorted paraphernalia with like-minded folk half way across the globe, and where today's trolls…

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Feature: Read more

The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for watching Million Dollar Beach House, marvelling at the golden sands, then switching on my electric heater because it is quite chilly. Let's cosy up together around the 2000w hearth and read the week's best writing about videogames.

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