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Cave Shmup Mushihimesama Hits Steam

Bullet hell icons

Japanese studio Cave are icons of the 'bullet hell' shoot 'em up scene, spewing untold billions of bullets over two decades, but we haven't seen too much of them round our way. Good news, bullet-dodgers! Last night Cave released an English version of vertical shmup Mushihimesama [official site], and say this "marks a new initiative to reach out to their global fanbase and share the excitement of 'bullet hell' gameplay with a new generation of players on PC." Except more, then. Splendid!

Mushihimesama is about a young princess saving her village and fighting giant insects in the surrounding forest, and it's certainly a sunny look for ultraviolence. I dig that - bullet hell shooters could so easily be skinned as the usual drab battlefields but no, they often explore strange and wonderful concepts. This also goes for non-cute things, like the sexual meathell of the Galshell games [workplace warning: contains insectile laserbreasts, and more!].

Anyway! Mushihimesama comes to Windows following an initial release in arcades in 2004, then PlayStation 2, pocket telephones, and Xbox 360. A launch discount on Steam makes it £11.24 for the first week. Also discounted is its 'V1.5' DLC, which shakes up and remixes the game for a new challenge.

Here, check out this bug princess action:

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