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Celestial War: Devouring Stars Released


I'm not massively into war, if I'm honest. War's quite bad, isn't it? Still, shooting men's faces off in video games is pretty fun. However, if you're stirring up a fictional war for a video game, I'd be far more interested in unknowable celestial entities weaponising the very cosmos, devouring and merging stars to create colossal murdertools. If we're going to die, let us be wiped out by something so vast it doesn't even know we exist. Aye, that's a nice premise all right, and the one behind Devouring Stars [official site].

After a stretch on Steam Early Access, developers Nerial today properly launched the celestial RTS. It's on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £6 right now.

With some story of godlike entities scrapping amongst the stars, Devouring Stars will have you swallowing starfields to create nebulae. It's got an elemental system where you start with the basic four then combine them to create fifteen extra types with special abilities, which reminds me of something between the Warcraft III custom game Gem Tower Defense, StarCraft: Brood War's swarms of Protoss carriers, and Animal Crossing's flower breeding. But with more war, you know.

It's... I'm not entirely sure what it is or how it works. But it looks weird and mysterious and has a cool concept so here, have a gameplay video:

Cover image for YouTube video

No? Still a bit hazy? Have another:

Cover image for YouTube video

Once the launch discount runs out, Devouring Stars will cost £6.99/9,99€/$9.99.

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