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Be Like Levine: Chaos Reborn Prototype Released

A dollop of Gollop

Statistically speaking, you are probably not Ken Levine. That's fine. I'm not him, either. And neither is Graham. But thanks to all the silicon and electricity and stuff, you can at least be a bit like him. One of the ways in which he's been special recently is in the role of cheerleader for the Chaos Reborn Kickstarter, where he's been championing Julian Gollop's return. He has already played (or should that now be 'Let's Played'?) the hexy beast, and now you can too. Head here to grab the time-limited prototype of the strategic wiz thing, and bring some friends.

At the time of posting, Chaos Reborn has taken just over $135,000 of its $180,000 goal with seven days left, so they're probably getting quite tense over there. What better way to prove to the world that you can make what you've promised by letting everyone play it? I do wish more Kickstarters were in that position when they start asking for money.

The prototype supports multiplayer fights of 2-4 people, and allows you to create and join games. It is missing all the single-player content, and won't be around forever, so if you want to try it before it goes away you'd better do so as quickly as possible.

And if you hadn't seen it, here's proof that Ken has had his mitts all over it.

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