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Chaos;Head - PC games discover the semi-colon

Over on Gametrailers, the (Japanese) trailer for the forthcoming - ahem - Visual Novel Chaos;Head is up. The imaginative use of punctuation lead me to visit their website, and I was rewarded by some Pathologic-esque broken translation of incredible/awesome pretension. I quote: "If you are God and the delusion becomes reality. About what kind of the noids you get? Is it the sensual world? The despotic society? The destructive sanctions? Or..."

Or..., indeed. Yes, it's easy to laugh at iffy translation, but I'm all about the easy, as the VD clinic in Bath will testify. Demo trailer and opening cinematic video beneath the cut...

The trailer includes images of schoolgirls covered in blood, which is the sort of thing I probably shouldn't make jokes about, so will shut up.

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The opening cinematic decides to forget about the blood and just show the schoolgirls. And that also is probably the sort of thing I shouldn't make jokes about, so I'll move along swiftly. However, from my interpretation of the plot - God's mind warping reality, etc - it seens that God spends a lot of time thinking about slender leggy girls.

Seriously, I'm moving along.

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I'm intrigued - while playing import games in non-English languages is a fairly common thing in console culture, it's not often talked about in PC games. Any devotees of the Visual Novel out there?

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