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Cheap Shot: Pro Wrestling X - Uprising

When I'm not commanding my vassals I like to watch big men in tights pretending to fight, so I was dismayed when Pro Wrestling X failed to reach its Kickstarter target. With man-grappling a thin stable on the PC, an independently developed game that aimed to bring back the glory days of No Mercy was a thing that I very much wanted to play. The team claimed that they'd be back with something playable but I didn't expect them to follow through on the promise quite as quickly as they have. Continued development will now be funded by selling access to existing versions of the game, with updates provided as they are produced. With a minimum buy-in of $5, I've already determined to find out how well it all comes together.

Here's a video showing some of the progress so far and items on the fix-list.

I've been enjoying WWE 13 a fair bit when I end up in front of my television instead of my monitor, particularly making wrestlers with oversized heads and hands, and then throwing them all into a Royal Rumble. It's the booking and management side of the game I'm most interested in though and while Yukes' 'Universe' mode has strong aspects, it's also riddled with flaws. Something gangs of PC modders would probably turn their talents to quite readily if it ever showed up on these shores.

I suspect that side of Pro Wrestling X will take long time to materialise, if it's planned at all, but all of the storylines and roster-bothering in the (not)WWE Universe aren't worth the non-existent paper their code is printed on if the action in and out of the ring isn't up to scratch. At least now we can see how that's coming along.

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