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Christory Lessons: Kings and Castles

Oops, we took our eye off the ball there. One post about Gas-Powered Games' upcoming Kings & Castles, and then we completely ignored it. There's a reason for that. It involves clowns and toast crusts, and the memories remain too traumatic to share with you. Now those dark times are behind us, so I feel comfortable in bringing you more of the Supreme Commander/Dungeon Siege studio's excellently strange video blogs, documenting both the game's development process and Chris Taylor's grasshopper mind.

Last time, El Taylor was talking to the animals. Some 13 installments later, he's showing off the game - and it's looking quite lovely. Here be dragons! Also, chickens.

This is the most recent one, episode 14, which I embed because a) it's funny and b) it's revealing.

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Kings and Queens and Castles, then? The footage of the soldiers also has me idly wondering if this will be what Total Annihilation Kingdoms should have been - a fantasy take on TA/Supcom's ethos of scale and warfare, rather than the bizarre mess that old sequel turned out as. (I still have a copy of that, in fact - might have to dig it out, to see how it matches up with my scowling memories of it). K&C also looks quite, quite different, of course, but I'm reasonably sure that GPG will maintain their reputation as go-to guys for Big Fighting with it.

Going back a bit is episode 10, which I embed because a) dragons! and b) because they're taking the piss out of games journalists (as demonstrated below the video).

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Spot this hidden in the dragon footage, did you?

Shuffles nervously. That is very true.

The other videos can be found on GPG's Youtube channel.

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