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Chronicles Of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juilet

I can't believe I've not heard of this game before. I spotted it while researching Daedalic's A New Beginning. It's a new episodic adventure series, the first title, The Chronicles Of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juilet.

Set in the London of 1590, the young poet William Shakespeare is yet to be Mr Famous. He's trying to prove himself to a local theatre group - Lord Strange's Men - by staging a brand new tragedy. That being the tale of two star-crossed lovers. It's a combination of traditional adventure with puzzles, and... hidden object gaming. Ah well - it was going so well. As much as I may have a soft spot for the genre, a good adventure game they have yet to make. Perhaps this may be the one? So far I've only been able to find evidence of the game existing in German (available on Amazon in two days). But I'm still so intrigued by what is essentially Young William Shakespeare. See below for a trailer.

When I first saw it, I was rather strongly hoping this would be one of those barking mad ideas where all the events of Shakespeare's plays turned out to have happened to him personally in his youth. However, this seems to be focused much more on an accurate and educational depiction of the development of the play. Which also sounds pretty special.

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