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Chrono Disfunglement Takes Braid, Adds Dimensions  

I still don't know what disfunglement means (it sounds rather painful), but I must admit to being quite impressed after playing a bit of Chrono Disfunglement's work-in-progress IGF build. In short, the seductively psychadelic puzzle-platformer allows nigh-unlimited control over the forces of time - ala Braid. There is, however, a slight twist to the formula that ends up making many of the puzzles radically different. See, CD actually offers two flavors of history-rewriting: entire world and individual object. Among other things, that allowed me to pull the block/switch puzzle equivalent of tying a string to a coin, dropping it in a candy machine, and then yanking it back out. Take that, The Establishment.

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Most of the puzzles I got the chance to play were pretty basic, but also exceedingly promising. For one, CD taught me its rules (even the quirkier ones) in the span of only a few levels, which is incredibly appreciated given that I've also been dabbling in some Assassin's Creed III: You Are Dumb And Must Be Cased In Protective Bubblewrap For Several Hundred Hours lately.

More importantly, though, the elements those opening puzzles displayed were fairly unique. For instance, one had me push a block past the button it needed to be on in order to get a boost onto another platform. But then, after thinking for a moment, I realized I just needed to rewind the block all on its lonesome, sending it back to the switch. The trailer, meanwhile, shows off puzzles that involve riding blocks through the air, making opposing objects collide and cease to exist, and a few other potentially (at least, if elaborated on over time) clever mechanics.

I'm looking quite forward to seeing where this one ends up (not to mention messing around with the IGF build a little more), but for now, you can give it a go for free. I suggest you do, lest you show up at a super hip indie game party one day, only to realize that everyone else is disfungling all over the place and you have no idea where to even begin. I mean jeez, it's not that complicated.

(what is disfunglement please someone help me)

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