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Cities: VR is a virtual reality spin-off from Cities: Skylines

From new developers

Cities: Skylines is getting a virtual reality spin-off called Cities: VR. Developed by a different studio than the original game, it looks to let you wander around your city like a skyscraper-sized mayor, drawing out roads with the VR wands. It could be cool, maybe. Watch the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoCities: VR | Alpha Gameplay (Meta Quest 2 / Captured on PC)

There are a three catches. The first is that it's not being made by Skylines developers Colossal Order, but by Fast Travel Games. Fast Travel are the developers behind other VR games, like Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife, and they co-developed Budget Cuts 2. Wraith is part of the World Of Darkness universe, which is owned by Paradox - the publisher behind Cities: Skylines.

Cities: VR also aims to bring over the "core gameplay elements", while "offering a unique approach to the simulation through VR." Does that mean it's Skylines but in VR, or does that mean it's a substantially different game but with the core of building cities? I've no idea, and there's only little real game footage in the trailer.

Lastly, it's being developed for Meta Quest 2, née Oculus Quest 2, and thus far not confirmed for any other headset.

That's a lot of caveats, but I do like the trailer anyway, and I am interested in playing a citybuilder in VR. Throwing up some buildings in Cities: Skylines and then using mods to view it in different ways - in first-person, or from a train, say - is great fun, so I assume stomping around like a VR Godzilla would be, too. Cities: VR is aiming to release next year.

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