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Political Reprieve: Citizens Of Earth Coming This Year

Earthbound-y Vice Presidential RPG

Chin up, little buddy. Maybe you fell off the monkey bars, weren't selected as the Presidential candidate, got turned down by that sapient life you deem attractive, or perhaps your Kickstarter fell short of its goal, but that doesn't mean you give up. Two of those apply to Eden Industries and by Jove, if they weren't crushed by disappointment then you shouldn't be either.

The Canadian developers last year fell short in their Kickstarter for Citizens of Earth, an Earthbound-inspired RPG where the US Vice President engages in gang violence. They picked themselves up, dusted their clothes down, found a publisher in the RPG-adoring Atlus, and plan to launch the game later this year. And you'll make the hover-hockey team one day, I know it.

Mister Vice President will form a Vice Posse (I imagine it's called) as he roams the USA, recruiting party members from all across society, from cat lady and barista to car salesman and bigfoot. See, he truly cares about all of his loyal subjects, not just the rich and powerful. To get to the bottom of a conspiracy, they'll press the flesh of protesters, bees, mutants, and other wacky enemies.

If you want to get technical, Eden have said it "combines the modern setting and humorous tone of Earthbound with the recruitment mechanics of games like Pokemon and Suikoden." Finally, a game which might reward all the hours I've spent lobbing balls at teenagers in the park!

Have a gander at it all in this new trailer:

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